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We are looking for passionate, creative, inteligent people who want to make a difference in the world! Contact us if you are interested in joining our team to build an awareness movement. 

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At this time The Naked Project is simply that, a "project." Consideration has been given to registering as a full-fledged non-profit corporation and it has been decided against for now. For the time being we are not requesting donations to support the work we are doing, it is a labor of passion only to raise awareness and inspire change. 

We have no official affiliations with National non-profits, but we can point you to a few where your donation will be put to excellent use. The below listed organizations are ones whose missions align with that of The Naked Project: 


In addition, Angelique Ashton performs much of The Naked Project's work in conjunction with her involvement in pageants, and she personally is often seeking sponsorship to support her work on a personal level. Feel free to visit her personal website for more information about becoming a sponsor. 

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