State/National Proclamations Project

As you may know, May is considered by those in the MCS community to be the International Awareness Month for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities/Environmental Illness. However, there is really only a handful of states and countries that "officially" recognize the month as such. Our renewed goal for 2021 is to increase that handful to as many of the 50 states and Canadian provinces as possible. Eventually, with support from enough states' Governors and at least one Senator or Congressperson, we hope to see the month of May declared a National Awareness Month by The White House. 


In The Canary Project's home state of Washington, the request to have a proclamation made by the Governor needs to be submitted each year by a citizen or group, it does not automatically roll over. So, submission of the annual request has been on our task list for the past few years. This year we have taken up the charge of helping others do this is their states, and making this page a collection spot for all of the proclamations received, as well as templates and materials to help you get started. 

Please reach out to us if you live in a state other than Washington and would like to get involved in this project, Or, if this is something you already do in your state, please share the proclamation with us so we can post it here. 

2020 Proclamations 



Toronto - day


State Proclamation Guide (instructions and links to where to submit for all states)

sample proclamation

Template Letter for requesting a state proclamation with sample proclamation

(from a non-canary)

Template Letter for asking state Senators and Representatives to put through a bill to create a National Awareness Month

Older Proclamations 


Connecticut-year unknown-week

Nevada, 2013

Colorado, 2011

Hawaii, 2011

Hawaii, 2010-Toxic Injury

Massachusetts, 2011-week

North Carolina, 2011

Arizona, 2003

Florida, 2000-week

Washington, 2019

Washington, 2018

Washington, 2016

Washington, 2012

Washington, 2011