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Join the movement: #MaskupinMay

The Naked Project has joined forces with some wonderful fellow volunteers at to create a selfie campaign for awareness for the month of May. (OK, we probably didn't create it, the idea's not totally original, but we think its still effective)

We would love for as many as possible to join us in the #MaskUpInMay mask challenge. It is pretty simple to do and anyone can join in. While the MCS Awareness Month campaign is for MCS, there are many other medical conditions that make wearing a mask in public a medical necessity. We want to include everyone that has to wear a mask like this in our challenge.

1. Take a selfie of you (or several of you) wearing a mask. It can be a paper mask, a painter's mask, a cloth particle mask, a scarf, even the front of your shirt covering your face.

2. Post this selfie on as many social media sites as you can, include the hashtag #MaskUpInMay. If you wear a mask in public, please consider sharing why, and what it means to you. If you don't have to wear a mask, please share if you know someone does or what you think it would be like to have to. 3. When you post your selfie, please challenge other people to take part in the challenge too. They can be your family or friends, and of course, social media influencers! We would really like for the word to get out about those of us that have to wear masks in public. If you aren't sure how to challenge someone, that means to say "I challenge . . . " and include their names, making sure to click on or create a hot link of their names so they can see that they have been challenged.

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